Friday, June 11, 2010

A day without rain...

Is apparently a day with snow.

Yes it snowed here this morning. Didn't stick... but still.

Nonetheless it had cleared up enough this afternoon that I snapped a pic of the front of the house.

I am also making progress, albeit slowly, with unpacking. I had planned on alphabetizing these as I put them up and realized is was better for my sanity to get the boxes out of my office and books on shelves then to have them organized...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving is no fun.

We (the roommates) opted not to rent a uhaul, and I think it was huge mistake.

Instead a day of crappy moving, it was stretched out over several days, with intermittant monsoons, with the order of things being determined by whose car it would fit in. (We had a small truck, my small suv and a Jetta.) The truck owning (now ex) roommate was ridiculously helpful. Like above and beyond the call of duty both in terms of availability and the amount of work he did. He was a roommate for 2 months and hauled more crap and cleaned more of the house then the rest of us.

*Edit* I forgot to mention that in this week, essentially doing noting but moving I put ~200 miles on my car. Which means I made about 20 trips back and forth, as it's 10 miles round trip.

But we are moved, the old house is immaculately clean, the new house looks like a furniture bomb went off in it and the garage is completely totally packed solid.

In other news, I have home inventory software on my Droid that uses a 3rd party barcode scanner software. Only after buying it did I discover that both of them didn't really work on the droid. Until this week. Both of them pushed out a patch and they are working wonderfully.

Which means I can inventory my books, and have that inventory with me... so I don't buy duplicates of books I already have. It's not a common occurrence, but irritating nonetheless.

And on that note I have been moving and cleaning for too long and I'm going to sleep now.