Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knife posts

So the current blogger meme to which I am little late in responding is "What knife is on your person right now?"

I suppose technically the titanium spork isn't a knife.  But it has a wicked sharp edge on one side... and I assure  I know how to spork in an emergency situation.  *Narrow eyes*  Try me... I dare you.

The others are a Letherman Skeletool (in Carbon fiber) and Kershaw OD-1 model 1775.    Since  I'm not doing a lot a site visits anymore I don't usually carry the Leatherman, but it and the spork live in my coat... and I wore the coat today...

The Kershaw... I picked it up on a lark at the Cabela's in Billings my last trip through.  It was on sale for $30 (regularly $90) and a quick google shows that it isn't available on the interwebs for less the about $40.  That said, it is probably the best feeling knife I've owned in decade.  It is the perfect size for my hand, the blade is the right size for everyday tasks, the opening action is stupidly simple and smooth.  Best $30 I've spent... possibly ever.