Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vampires Beware.

Maybe about two months ago I made a batch of Alton Brown Firecrackers. Which are homemade spicy pickled baby carrots. Since my geek girl can't handle hot/spicy food I omitted the peppers and stuffed 8-10 garlic cloves in the jar.

A week later there were sufficiently pickled. They were fabulous. Sweet but tangy, crunchy with just a hint of garlic. She loved them and I loved them.

Then I forgot about them.

Today I finally got around to doing a Summer Fruit Pickle before the batch of pears and plums I had went wonky.

Problem was there was still 1/2 a jar of them carrots. I shrugged, saved about 1/2 for a snack and put the rest in a different smaller container.

I finally got around to my snack round 7ish.

They were still sweet, tangy, and crunchy; but the garlic flavor was anything but subtle. As a matter of fact the garlic flavor was so intense it actually caused pain. They were sublime.

As I write this 7 hours and two tooth brushing later I can STILL taste garlic.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mystery of the flying nun... err... Dog.

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So I came home from seeing the Incredible Hulk to discover Cinnamon the wonder dog in the yard. This was bit odd because I left her in the house when I left. Furthermore she was limping.

A quick interview with the downstairs neighbors revealed the following:

Apparently he was sitting on the front porch talking to his father on the phone when he heard a tremendous clatter from the eaves, he stepped out, looked up in time to see my dog finish climbing out the second story window, onto the eaves and then jump the ten feet down onto the cement walkway.

A slightly fumbled landing with a minor faceplant later she ran over to him excitedly. He didn't see any obvious injury and he put her in the yard while he called the landlord to see if he had contact info for me. I arrived mere minutes later.

My quick survey showed what appeared to be superficial damage, and she wasn't exibiting any pain as I poked and prodded. Nonetheless, I arranged for after-hours veterinary service and off we went to meet her new doctor.

Good news: Scrapes, split lip, minor contusion of the jaw, bruise on the eye, and maybe a minor sprain of two ankles. Not enough of sprain to do more then slow her down a bit.

Bad news: She's gonna be really sore and slow for the next two weeks at least but nothing the the strong doggy aspirin she was prescribed shouldn't take care of, and of course these sort of visits are not inexpensive.