Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Ook

For those of you who knew and loved Bill, which if you knew him generally you couldn't help but love him, it will come as no surprise that our last conversation was about ass-less chaps.

And Sushi.

But mostly the chaps. The details of why aren't important (it had to do with leather gadget covers you pervs) but the important thing is Bill's indomitable ability to amuse, entertain, and connect with you.

He was my confidant, my brother-in-heart, and most importantly my friend.

It's hard envisioning a day without his snark and his good humor.

Harder still to say goodbye.

I will sit here, with this fine bottle of spirits (which he would have loved: Rum + Horchata = Rumchata!!!) and focus on the things that made him such a brilliant part of our lives, and not the dark spot left behind by his loss.

So this one is for you, and when next we meet the Sushi is on me. (But only if you wear the chaps like you promised.)