Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Being a faux goth is hard...

(Today's stranger-familiar weirdness was Anj making me coffee at a local shop... even had the same mannerisms... creepy.)

So my father will be pleased that my life-long decision to wear mostly black has bit me most firmly in the ass.

It's 85 and sunny, tomorrow is supposed to my 92 and Friday 92.

But at least I don't look like and abrcombie&snitch clone. I swear that I have seen more khaki in the last week then I have in the 5 years previous. I also appear to be the only adult male on the planet who doesn't wear baseball caps. There are 15 guys I can see from where I'm sitting, 13 are wearing hats and the other 2 have their hats on the table.

Although I did see a catholic school girl skirt+ emily tee + tattoos disappear into the are building. Sadly far to soon for me to get close and thank her for being a breath of cool air.

I have pair of grey shorts, and lots o' black shirts. I think tonight I'm going to have to find black sandals and more black shorts. (In theory a pair of black sandals came down with me... the reality is I have found one)

Where does a melting geek shop anyway?

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