Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First School day.

After a stressful weekend trying to get moved out of the house early, so the new tenets could paint before moving in, I was happy to spend labor day recovering (in theory.)

The reality is: I had to go digging through all of my boxes looking for my text books, which I thought I had kept out. I had a 50% hit rate. I found my Japanese text books but didn't find the math text book I needed, so I had to go to class without. However, it wouldn't have mattered since it appears that there is a new version that I would have had to buy. Correction... have to buy.

That sorta set the tone for the day. MSU financial aid is actually not screwed up anymore but the AK student loan is. More paperwork might unsnarl it, but it might not. Also, I apparently neglected to withdraw in a timely out of my one summer class I had signed up for LAST summer at UAA and I'm on the hook for $431 (coming out of my dividend.) I called and double checked with the UAA lady in charge and apparently I withdrew a week after the final date (I was already in MT at that point.)

No internet at the house as of this morning but it's supposed to be working by tonight (fingers crossed.)

I'm supposed to be testing for my purple belt tonight, but I think digestive problems (and funds) are going to keep me home tonight.

Only other thing of note is the dog seems to be adapting fine to the new digs, likes the big yard and hasn't tried storming the fences yet. Thus far when I'm home she's got run of the yard, comes in at dinner for a couple hours, and is only on the dog run at night or when I'm at class.

For the record, she has once again proven to be a true malamute... she get's the chase part of chasing stick (and ball and Frisbee and tire and...) but the retrieve portion is mostly hit or miss. Actually it's mostly miss. Though sometimes she substitutes "bite enthusiastically" for "retrieve."

Otherwise life continues. Mostly stressful, but with some bright points.

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