Saturday, December 27, 2008

A case of the *Blearghs*

So 3 out of the 5 people in the house either have the flu or food poisoning.

I'm one of them.

My morning has not been the most unpleasant ever, but between weakness, nausea, and the emergency dashes to the bathroom I'm not a happy rabbit.

Going back to drinking my saltines and drinking my ginger ale thank you very much.


Who in the name of GOD thought that cherry flavored Pepto Bismal was a good idea. I mean... generally you are already queasy and now you have to drink sickeningly sweet artificial maraschino cherry mixed with Peopto?

I actually felt worse after taking it.

Oh and my toilot is REALLY clean. Because... you know I was sitting there for so long waiting for things to happen and stop happening... and the box of lysol wipes were right there...

1 comment:

  1. Heh. I recognize that "as long as I'm here, I might as well clean up" habit. Don't ask how I recognize it. :-P