Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow, etching, and madness

We have had an extremely weird week weather wise. Monday it was sunny and 60's/ Tuesday Sleet. Wednesday it dumped 8 inches of snow and white out conditions. Today... cold and windy. Supposedly more snow this weekend.

In other news, it's midterm season and I'm pretty certain I've done well on all of them.

Also my previous metal-smithing project was a stylistic success but actual mechanical failure. It actually broke into component part falling 2 feet onto the seat of my car. I'll post pictures and let people guess what the hell it was.

My current project (etching and turned in today) however was a huge success. Not least of which because only a 1/3 of the class seems to have actually gotten their project finished in time fore the crit today. I will get pictures of it too when I get it back.

Kenpo is also doing well. I have completed blue belt, and now we are doing review and ramping up to blue-belt test. That's going well, but I need to schedule more time for practice since my retention currently not doing so hot.

Oh... and a building blew up downtown. Never been to any of the shops mentioned so I have no particular opinion about it but it was the talk of the campus today.

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