Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con Math

Steam Punk Fan Meetup:

Last Year: 250 people in attendence, room capacity 100.
This Year: 300+ express interest for the fan meetup,6 months of lobbying by the organizer, 400+ in attendance... room capacity 100.

Same exact room as last year.

Perhaps the fact the the Guinesses Book of Worlds record took the "Largest Steampunk Photoshoot" today on the back steps of the con may increase their understanding of the interest.
For the record. I am in the photo, in the back... next to the Steam-punk bunny.

Which What?



  1. Since all my sleep deprived brain is coming up with is comments that would have she of the sharp elbows causing me much pain or he of the "monkey grabs peach" maneuver trying to harm me for lascivious comments... I think I'll engage self preservation mode and go to bed!

  2. She is a very cute bunny, indeed. But be wary of following her down the rabbit hole when she's late - might lead to very surreal times...