Friday, August 21, 2009


Situation Normal All Financial Aid Fouled Up.

The local FinAid office has record of my putting in needed paperwork back in May but managed to lose the paperwork. Let me repeat that: they have a record of it being submitted but apparently no-one did anything with it and it has since been lost.

Because I'm paranoid I checked with them a month before classes started, and 15 days before my bill was due just to make sure the ducks were in a row.

They, of course weren't.

So I re-submitted the paperwork in time for their weekly meeting, making sure I included Information A, B and C which I verified with them.

Committee took a look at the information and denied the claim because I didn't include information D and E... which they didn't tell me I needed when I asked.

Resubmitted the paperwork and waited for their weekly meeting again.

And... it was rejected again. Because apparently anytime the paperwork has been rejected by the committee it has to go to the Director instead. So sorry you had to wait a week, we'll get it to her right now so she can look at it.

Everyday since I have called and have been told it is "On her desk and she will look at immediately."

Well, except today, when they told me she will look at it sometime next week. Problem is they only process the Federal financial aid inputs on Thursdays, and bundle up the paperwork on Friday and then it takes 7-10 business days for them to process that, but they only cut check's on Mondays and then it takes ~ 3 days for the check to get the 200 feet from the Accounting office to my P.O. Box. I am not kidding, they mail all the checks offsite and then they get delivered BACK to the university post office.

So at this point, even if she looks at it first thing on Monday (unlikely) the soonest that they would actually process my aid is the 28th, 7 days for accounting to deal with it is the 4th, cut a check on 7th and maybe... just maybe I will have it on the 11th or nearly two weeks after school started.

Why am I doing this again?

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  1. Have you asked for an appointment to see the director? Because I bet the paperwork just might magically move to her inbox right before your meeting, so her incompeta... I mean, her underlings actually have to get it to her.

    The reason for the appointment is to discuss, of course, what broke down in the system and how to prevent this from happening again, or to other students. Not to ensure that she actually has to look at it, oh no! :-P