Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Migraines... fun for the whole family.

This morning round 5am ye migraine woke me up. I took a massive dose of ibu and went back to sleep. Slept through my alarm clock, but not the cold dog nose 15 minutes later.

Woke feeling fine, but after an hour at work it came back and brought friends. I was toughing it out, but apparently looked so bad my boss sent me home.

Somehow in the last 48 hours I have lost my sunglasses, and even with the heavily overcast sky I thought the sun was going to kill me.

Now I'm safe in the basement with all the lights turned off and blackout mask on ready for a nap...

...and the landlords are walking on the roof, apparently with a herd of rhinos.

Crash of rhinos I think is the correct term. Boy is it an appropriate term. Ye gods.

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