Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dog + Snow.


  1. Do you walk the dog or does he walk you? Thats a beefy dog.

  2. Aww, She's havin' fun. How many minutes after you got inside was she lying about her eyeballs being yellow because she hasn't walked all day?

  3. Re:Farmer Actually she's pretty well behaved walker. That photo was taken by my darlin lass who barely outweighs the dog. That day there were apparently BunniesOMGIAMSOEXCITED and the dog made whiney noises but didn't drag her off after them.

    Re: Wing Not at all. It was a long walk, and she abandoned her normal habit of following me everywhere and up and down the stairs. She stayed in one spot the rest of the day and complained every time I made her move. (Sorta like me...)