Thursday, August 11, 2011

We live in the future...

I could spend some time talking about the miracle anti-viral cure they are buzzing about, instant communication that allows people to track social changes real-time, or even the fact the flying cars are very nearly here.

No, instead I will point out the fact that the definitive reference of the English language, which is normally a 20 volume set that costs $1000 is available as a $13 phone app.

Yes, you can have the OED on your phone.

That's pretty amazing.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a dictionary to install...

*Edit*  Blech.  Someone pointed out that it may be dandy app but it is not in fact the OED.  If you read the reviews below you will see although it is a big dictionary it is not the complete OED and has no link to the web back-end that house the 20 volumes online.

Link removed.

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  1. Yesterday I remembered that my GPS was a backup airspeed indicator when I was flying. "Wait," I said silently to myself, "there's a GPS in my i-phone. I'll bet there's a speedometer app."
    Lot's of them of course. So I amused myself with my speedometer app on the bus ride home. It's not the OED but still kinda George Jetson.