Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aaaaand we're back

So here we are again.

Lets get some questions out of the way, shall we?

Why Go Dark?
I had series of personal, financial, and professional events that derailed me and I didn't think it was good idea for me to be blogging at that time.

So things are better now?
Actually probably worse.

So why restart the blog?
I have been strictly forbidden to go on a homicidal, suicidal, or any other -idal based rampage. So I figure I might as well start sharing the random thought my head produces with you again.

Are you still in Architecture school? Is the blog title going to change? Who is your pick for the Superbowl?
Whoa whoa whoa! So many questions! One at a time.

Architecture school is on hold for at least two years (unless something magical happens.) I may however be starting up IT courses in January so in a few months you will see me making cranky noises about subnet masks instead of masses.

I was tempted to change the title of the blog. But frankly everything I came up with sounded either whiny and self-pitying OR revealed to much about my master plan to take over the world. For now the title stays.


So what ARE you going to write about?
Technology, geek life in cowboy-land, progress with the studio (or lack there of), weight loss (new program starts today,) and whatever else strikes my fantasy.

What about the dating thing? We want salacious details!
I appear to have better odds of winning the Superbowl, K? Besides this isn't MySpace, get your mopey schadenfreude elsewhere.
Got any other questions?  Post em below.


  1. You really should reconsider the whole IT thing. From my understanding, IT will drive you to run about the office, in your underwear, in the middle of the night, while ranting about killing the computer crashing masses with odd strands of useless coax. My sister used to run IT for a hospital. She still has bouts of spontaneous swearing and involuntary twitching whenever she see's someone do something odd with a computer, like......touch it.
    Crime fighting or ambulance driving would be jobs more suited to your skill sets. And lots less stressful, and as luck would have it, takes very little school and its usually paid for by the hiring agency.

    1. *looks around shiftily*

      You did know that I have worked in IT for the last 15 years, and presently am the Sysadmin for a local health care company, yes?

      How did you know about the underwear and the coax? IT was a one time thing and the A/C was out...

      Anyway, the only reason I am considering the IT degree is they will pay for it. There are also some pretty good transition programs, where if you have an undergrad degree in whatever you can get an accredited master's in Architecture with a a couple semesters design intensive and then start the program.

      Who knows by then the economy might have recovered enough that they start hiring Architects, because right now they are not.