Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thoughts about the program...

It is clear from this weekends design assignment that there are assumptions that are made about the students.

The first is that they have the freedom to spend late nights on evenings and weekends in the design labs. This assumes that they don't have spouses, children, or (in my case) a dog with her legs crossed bouncing up and down with impatience.

Example. We are doing light-dark studies studying how to control space through positive and negative space. We do this by printing our 3 of our fingerprints, blowing them up to 5x7" and identifying 2 interesting areas on each print, cutting those out and blowing all 6 of them up to 10x15" at Kinkos. We are then to transfer all 6 onto bristol board using a light table. The 6 bristol boards are then to be inked with gouche. One final one will be chosen and blown up to 20x30" on illustration board.

There is only one light table in our lab, and 6 in the main Architecture building. Lets assume no-one else in the entire 5 years needs to use the light table. There are 60 students in each section and are at least three sections (I think there are actually 4). That means there are 1080 fingerprints being transferred to bristol board this weekend.

Best case scenario... It took me an hour each to do the 5x7" transfer originally so if it takes twice as long to to do one 4 times as large... there are 2160 hours of light table time needed, which works out to 308 hours of time needed per table... and only 72 hours of time in the three day weekend.

I went and bought a $30 light table from Michaels.


  1. Sounds like a good choice. How is the transferring going?

  2. Well... let's just say I should take stock out in Staples... and I am still going to have to go to kinkos.

    I cannot convince my computer to print a image across two pages.

    I know there are free or even trial version of the software that do that. By since my desktop (where all the images, graphic software etc are) doesn't have wireless...

    This would be my 4th trip to Bozeman from Belgrade today.

  3. Ouch, that sounds time consuming and frustrating.