Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome Disctraction, Head cold of death... and I think I'm turning Japanse

So I splurged $33 on a ticket to go see Weird Al Yankovik at the Bozeman fairground. Good news, it wasn't outdoor so we didn't get rained on. Bad news, it was in essentially a big metal shed and therefore the acoustic were terrible.

The show was a hoot, he played all my favorites and it was both gratifying and sad to see so many geeks in attendance. Gratifying to know that there are so many out there, sad because I didn't know any of them.

Good Points: Young Amish Girl Cosplayers dancing.
Bad Points: Elephantine Male Amish Cosplayers Dancing

Head Cold. All this week I've been having weird night-time drainage that had me waking up with a sore throut. It attacked me full force last night and this turned into a full-on head-cold. Couldn't hear at all out of my right ear, nose stuffed, voice a croak, and general achy. I took some dayquil, which was apparently enough to tip me back over the edge, I fell asleep in my chair while reviewing my Japanese for my first class and slept until almost noon. I feel better, but still not up to snuff.

Speaking of Japanese, I did so much review of it this weekend, I had trouble responding to e-mails in English.

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