Friday, October 10, 2008

Frikin cold!

So, yesterday I was complaining that it was only the 3 or 4th birthday I could remember snow free.

Mind you, I said this while sitting outside in 45 degree weather with a 5mph gusts on an otherwise clear day. is now snowing, 29 degrees , with 15mph winds gusting up to 30mph.

I forgot my hat. (But remembered my gloves.)

I even got a relatively close parking spot to campus but walking through the campus core with the wind gusting between buildings was not a lot of fun.

Other News: Tonight C and I are having a combined (mine yesterday, hers today) Rock Band Birthday party. I'm excited.


  1. We are having similar weather, just a little warmer so it's raining and windy.
    Another Happy Birthday wish for you and an additional one for C.

  2. Oh crud! I forgot to send you a happy birthday message! Usually dividends are my reminder since your birthday usually coincides with them, but they came early this year.

    In any case, happy birthday my friend. I hope you rocked the casbah:-)