Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brief ruminations on the weather...

Tuesday of this week is was 73 degrees and I was contemplating having to mow the yard this weekend... which meant going out and braving the day star to pick up Cinnamon's toys.

Today... while running to get bits from ACE it started to rain. By the time I left ace it was monsooning. By the time I made it from ACE back to campus it had changed from monsoon to snowflakes the size of 1/2 dollars. From the parking lot 100 yards to the art building it went from merely snowing huge flakes to a blizzard with a visibility of about 40 feet.

It didn't get any better all afternoon.

Driving home was treat with 40-100 feet visibility and several of inches of standing water on the roads any place there was a depression. At one point I nearly lost control when my car hydroplaned at the base of a hill where I was driving 20mph under the speed limit...

Right now it's getting dark but I can still see it is snowing heavily, there is at least 6 inches of snow on the porch, and as the flakes have gotton smaller has improved so that I can see about 150 feet or so. Currently 26 degrees out.

Yay spring.

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