Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A change in my life...

So I've been struggling with this decision for some time, even going so far as to deny what has been clearly a fundamental truth about myself that I couldn't admit even in the privacy of my own mind.

I'm have been dishonest with myself and others, and it's time I came clean.

I want to get an MBA.

This architecture whimsy and predilection to the arts have been nothing more then a sham to prop up some retrograde fantasy with the humanities and design.

I want columns, spreadsheets, profit and loss statements, board meetings, and hostile mergers.

God, I LONG to run down Wall street (okay... be driven in my chauffeured limo) with a sharkskin briefcase and stack of Accelerated Depreciation forms like loaded six shooters at my side.

I understand that for many of you this will be hard to accept, but please bear with me during the difficult time. It took a lot of courage for me to admit this and you support is appreciated.


  1. I have no problems seeing you climb upon the backs of the poor saps who are still suffering from the monkey grabs peach...

  2. I would remind you that I study Kenpo, not Kung-fu. So it's "Squeezing the peach."

  3. Ahhh Kenpo.... I forgot!!! Isn't that like kung-fu lite? (snicker) Wow it's so easy to be funny when yer a few thousand miles away heheheheh