Friday, April 20, 2012

Perils of online dating - Craigslist Edition

On a lark I posted an ad on craigslist.

Time to first spammer: 2 Minutes
Time to first offer to see "sexy pictures": 4 minutes
Time to first broken English attempt to get me to click a suspicious link: 7 minutes

It's been up for 45 minutes and I have received 7 e-mails, none legitimate.


  1. If you hadn't put down your preferred waist to hip ratio, you may have gotten a few more responses.

    1. Silly me. What on earth was I thinking.

      Still I suppose obvious scams are better then the "clearly I didn't read your profile" e-mails I get from other sites.

      Last week's ... was from a cowgirl in your neck of the woods way who is looking for a trucker, cowboy, cowpunch, or construction worker who "looks as good out of jeans as he does in them."

      She writes
      "Hi hon, I know you are a nonsmoke [sic] but how do you feel about a girl who does a little chew or dip to take the edge off?"

      Because this is a family safe blog, I will not relate the rest of the e-mail which was suggestion of how we spend our weekend.

      Becuase "Alakan Geek" clearly means cowpunch, right?

      What is a cowpunch?