Monday, June 13, 2011

Plague update road trips and more

The antibiotics prescribed by the fine folks at ye local UrgentCare seemed to do the trick, and by Sunday I felt mostly back to normal.

However, Tuesday arrives and I start to develop the same symptoms in smaller measure. By Wednesday I was just as symptomatic as I had been the previous week before I started my antibiotics (although thankfully with out the green eye ooze from previous Friday.)

Back to UrgentCare, with a new stronger and (much) more expensive antibiotic prescription.

It seemed to clear up the symptoms a lot faster then previous batch, although my symptoms hadn't been as acute during my relapse.

Sunday rolls around again and I felt fine. I'll give it until the end of the week to officially declare myself "better." Before anyone asks, yes I will will take my full course of antibiotics.

Tangentially related... why is it a good idea to give someone who can't swallow at all pills the size of child's fist?


I was supposed to be in the North-east part of Montana this week doing some equipment installs. Obviously my scheduling didn't account for Tonsillitis, but in fact my trip was delayed by that little flooding problem they appear to be having. The direct route to my first destination has a bridge out/redirected. So far as I can tell the detour adds ~200 miles onto a 981 mile trip. The alternate route also passes through a section of road that has been intermittently reported as being underwater.

Also, the poor lasses at the office I would visitng... one of them has four feet of standing water in her basement, and the other one has lost the only drive way in-out of her property... so neither of them are likely to even be there should I manage to get to points North.

We are giving it two weeks before attempting the trip, which also give me time to be sure I am recovered.


And more...

Umm... truely I forgot what I was going to put here. So I will share with you my new favorite quote.

"The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But I assure you, it’s still on my list."


  1. I was up a Glasgow last week. Water is ass deep pretty much where ever you want to go. Good luck on your trip.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better now - and I hope you and your lady are over the plague for good!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I know what you mean about those pills. I have difficulty swallowing even the smallest. I miss the yellow antibiotic liquid you used to get as a kid haha.

  4. @TheFarmer: All the conversations I've had with the folks at the Glasgow office have involved them talking about boating employees around and 1/2 the office have 4+ feet of water in the basement. I think rescheduling the trip to the 27th is optimistic at best.

    @OWaaW: It just been me, she had a cold but nothing as bad as throat death.

    @Branden: Welcome to the blog! I never had the pleasure of that yellow liquid... seems like it's always been horse pills for me. Even then the size of these ones surprised me.

  5. Maybe you should have given attribution to the final quote as I cannot wait to use it. Is it open source? I.e.: up for grabs?

  6. Re:DittyMac the quote was my own little spin on one found Mostly Cajun's Quote on Paraprosdokians which I found courtesy of the always entertaining
    Bayou Renaissance Man