Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip Day 4

Miles Driven: 10
Mean Temperature: 77f  (Oh thank god.)

Are you 420 friendly?  Good for you, I'm not.  Not only am I not, but I am actually allergic to members of the Hops family... which include Cannabis.

Why does this matter?  Well because the office I am working at today shares a wall with a Medical Marijuana dispensary.  It didn't start off to bad, but as the day has gone on, the bathroom smells like it escaped from the 60's and the air vent blowing cold air brings the distinct smell of misery along with it.

So I'm sitting here with a pounding headache, scratchy eyes, and throat that itches like mad.  Just trying to get through this so I can be done with this and go back to the hotel room and shower.

Fortunately, workwise things are doing fine so I am likely to get out of here early.  I typing this whilst staring at a progress bar which should be the last thing I have to do here.


  1. That is really unforunate that you share a wall with a place that deals in a substance you are allergic too. Any possibility for a desk change?

  2. It's not my desk, it's one of our field offices and I was just working there for the day.

    Unfortunately the hold office fills with the miasma and the folks that actually work there have to open all the windows during the afternoons.

    Depending on whether or not a judge signed a stay of the new law (I haven't checked) the dispensary may be now closed. If he did sign the stay... they are looking for new office space.