Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plague Update.


It's not Strep.

If it were strep, they have super effective treatment which would have me better in a couple of days. Instead I am on a slower acting, but effective treatment that should catch all the other potential causes... but take 4-5 days before it is effective.

So 4-5 days of eating nothing but cream of wheat, of having to force every sip of water down, of gargling every hour with warm salt water....


But there is hope with the antibiotics, and the doc gave me pills that should knock me out enough that I can sleep through the night for the next 4-5 days.

Edit - 2 AM update. Apparently the doctor was being generous when he said 2 Hydrocodrone / Vicodin would "knock me out." I can't even tell if it's taken the edge off the pain... maybe a little since I did manage to sleep for four hours instead of two before my throat woke me....

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