Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress on the Dojo

Steady progress has been made on the move and dojo prep.  There is a website in progress, verbage sketched out but not written, and lots of other work still to be done.

However, last night this:

Turned into this:

Okay, not a huge change, but progress is good.   Each mat package has six 2' x 2' pads in it and I was going to do a 16' x 24' pad... but 5 wide is nearly perfect for the space so I think I will go pick up another set and make it 25' x 30'.

Tonight I will go get the bits to corner mount the kicking bag.   This weekend Bob the punching dummy should make it over as well.

Still do do: get a plastic knife and gun as well as getting a beginner kicking pad.  And mirrors.  If I can figure out how to afford them.  Acrylic mirrors aren't as reflective apparently as well as being prone to warpage ala fun house mirrors, but they are a whole lot cheaper and tougher then large sheets of glass.  Worse yet they are special order, so I'd be ordering them unseen which I'm not keen on.  Maybe I'll do mirrored tiles mounted on MDF or OSB so it's flat, smooth and level.  In fact... a quick check shows I could do a 12' wide 8' high mirror tile build for the same cost as a single 4' x 8' acryllic mirror... hmmm...

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