Sunday, January 8, 2012

Progress update, post binge, and another revelation.

I've been using the Android app Jefit Pro * and it's companion website to track my progress.  I haven't even really begun to delve into either of their full potentials but they are handy for me to track weight, BF % (effectively useless at this point), and other measurements.

So I didn't see a sizable bump in weight post binge day, like I did last Saturday, and I actually lost about a pound between yesterday morning and today.

Also, even though I started this program on Monday Dec 27, I didn't take measurements until Tuesday Dec 28, so... in my head Tuesday has been my "weekly progress mark."   Which won't work in the long term as it could be discouraging. Sometimes your weight will fluctuate for several days after the free day.  So I am resetting it to Saturday mornings (before eating what I want.)

That said weekly stats so far:
12 days
9.4 lbs
 BF ~40%... but who knows.  The scale is now erroring... probably means I need more water.
~.79 lbs a day lost
4.5" lost combined from thighs, hip and waist.  Biceps and calves measurements unchanged.

Again to emphasize, this is with no change to my exercise plan.  I just finished building the ghetto kettle bell this morning, and other then lamenting the fact that I appear to have lost a 20 lbs weight somewhere in the garage and so will be doing 20 lbs reps instead of 40 lbs... haven't used it yet.

As has been the case every morning I am waking up hungry, and this morning had a lovely crab & egg scramble.  So eager for coffee I forgot my ice water.  Since I will be losing the services of the current smoothie maker I went out and bought a Ninja smoothie/blender thingee.  Comes with three travel mugs that you blend in as well as a more traditional blender carafe.  It is crazily powerful,  it destroys the ice, I expect it to try and murder me in my sleep.

I also have appeared to find the (so far) optimal breakfast shake mix.  9oz of ice, 2 scoops of whey chocolate protein powder, a small glug of sugar-free Torani Cinnamon-vanilla syrup, and 4-6 oz of coffee extract.  It was good enough that I wanted to have one for desert after dinner Friday.  So I did... sans coffee.

Also last night I had another epiphany.  Just as I was lying in bed drifting off I felt the slightest twinge of heartburn.  Not enough to make me got get some tums just a "you ate a lot of pot-stickers tonight" sorta slightly overfull reminder.

Which made me realize, this was only the second time I had heartburn in the last two weeks.  The reason why it matters is I have suffered from persistent heartburn for the last several years.  The doctor at one point had me taking Pepcid in the morning, which I never remembered to do because (until this program) I have never taken a regular pill regimen.  This led me instead to stash bottles of tums in all locations to stave off acute heartburn attacks.  There is one in the bathroom, at my office, in my glove-box, and probably small bottle in my coat.

But in the last two weeks I have taken exactly one tums, for a really minor flair up at work.  At $7.50 a bottle... I can see this saving me some money over a year's time.

It might also be to the fact that there is effectively no longer any dairy in my diet, as I might be lactose intolerant.  But, there won't be a real good way to test that until I lose all this weight unless I want to devote one of my cheat days to see if dairy kills me.  Although... cottage cheese appears to not effect me and I am eating that a couple times a week.

I suppose I should go check and see if I wrote about the Toddy coffee maker.... hmmm...

* I am not paid to endorse this product, but it got good reviews, and I'm so far pleased with it.  The website is free, and there is a free version of the app but the Pro version let me synchronize the app with the website.  Which was worth the $5 in my mind.  Graphs are pretty!

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