Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heavy Bag blues and body progress

I got the heavy bag hung, though not entirely without damage.

But first, the steps. I built a  framework to support the main crossbar out of 2" x 6" mounted with 3.5" screws.

Because I am paranoid, I calculated the shear/load of the screws I used to mount the frame work.  I used the more conservative rating (shear vs load) even though I actually anticipate the diagonal forces will be a combination of the two.

In any case it should resist a load of 16,900 lbs of force.

That means I would have to run at almost exactly 39 miles and hour do a flying side kick and transfer *all* of my energy to it.  (Or more likely leap in the air and grab the bag transferring all my energy at once)

Considering that is almost 4 times faster then the average human can run... It is probably safe.

The crossbar itself is 4" x 4" angle cut to sit flush with the wall and held in place with some hefty rafter braces.

However, after I had put the first brace on, and started securing the crossbar I managed to knock said crossbar off the frame.  One side semi-secured it swung like a divine angry hammer of god and struck me in the side of the head and knocking off the 4' ladder onto the (thankfully) mat covered floor.

Whereupon I spent about twenty minutes curled up in a little ball whimpering in a manly fashion.

Needless to say there was concussion, and the next couple of days are sorta blurry.

But the end result is quite functional.


In 4HB news, it is another cheat day and another weekly update.  I forgot to take my morning measurements before I made Paleo Compatible Coconut pankes (tasty... but odd texture) so using yesterdays measurements I am sitting at 22.6 lbs lost in 60 days.

That is a daily average loss of .37 lbs a week... and given what last week's midweek pasta binge did to my numbers I'm not surprised the overall average is down.

But all progress is good progress.  And I have no doubt I will meet my 90 day goal.


  1. I like your paranoia - and your math. That's an awesome way to settle the issue!

    I'm really sorry to hear about the troubles getting up, though - I can see why it'd inspire paranoia, after giving you a beating like that.

    The paleo-compatable macaroons were a lot less squishy than the normal ones, and more like an untidy heap of coconut than a clumpy paste - no chance of using a patry bag to make neat puffs. That said, they were tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. I made paleo pancakes, and they were tasty but of an odd texture. The Coconut flour is certainly grainier then regular flour. But they had good flavor and mouth feel.

      Likewise my attempt to make a british style steamed pudding using coconut flour was ... interesting. After steaming it for 30 minutes in the pressure cooker it came out with the consistency of lava (and but behaved nicely once poured over coconut ice cream.) But the remaining ramekins of it set up more like an american pudding once refrigerated.

      Since there is no sugar, dairy, or gluten in it there are lots of factors to consider. More experimentation is required.

      I've been having fun with the pressure cooker. It makes the most amazing hard-boiled eggs and Oeufs en coccotte (baked eggs.)