Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cooking with my Grandpa. - Your input needed

The other day I was stuck.

I needed to cook something fast and easy, but something tasty. Naturally I reached for my Grandpa's cookbook....

You see, Grandpa lived a wide and varied life growing up in Alaska; He'd been an Alaska State Trooper, fisherman, soldier, farmer, and yes... a writer.
As he approached retirement from the Troopers, when asked what he was going to do with retirement he'd respond "Write a book."

Eventually he found himself retired... and people started asking how the book was coming. This of course worried him so he sat down to write... and nothing happened.

Eventually he got hungry and once in the kitchen genius struck.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I learned to cook out his first cookbook, Lowbush Moose; and since then all fourof his cookbooks have been what I reach for first when I need direction.

With my favorite food blog French laundry at Home winding down with only a few recipes to go... I found myself thinking what on earth could fill that void?

Eventually I got hungry and once in the kitchen genius struck.

I would write about my explorations of his cookbooks, re-read them all. Recipes, stories, even the index. All of it. As I did so I would share them with you. Hopefully members of my family would also take this as opportunity to share their memories of his cooking, his laughter and love for life as well.

Why does this concern you?

Well dear reader there are two options for blog creation. I can start a separate blog with frequent cross-pollination between the two or run is as a "special feature" under the umbrella of this blog.

1) Which would you prefer to see?
a) New blog, new artwork new everything man Bring it on!
b) Keep this blog and deliver them as treats

Also, I am going to shoot for at least weekly posts, is that too little and should I try and do two recipes? I've got about *math is hard* 450 recipes I would guess?

2)So, one post a week or two? Or should I just "do whatever I can?"
a) One Week, One post
b) One Week, Two posts
c) One week, One post with occasional *bonus material*

*Edit* I remembered. Would you rather see the posts chronologically, as we progress through the cook books, random, or semi themed... as in seafood, red meat, side dish, dessert... repeat.

3) In what order
a) This Week: Book One, Recipe One. Next Week: Book One, Recipe Two...
b) Book One: Random Recipe, when Book One is complete start Book Two.
c) Book One: I choose the order, when Book One is complete start Book Two.
d) All recipes, all random, all the time.

Now go post your opinion!


  1. knowing that I had an epic fail at keeping two blogs, I have no inclination to push you to do 3.

    I'd like to see two posts a week, with a "as able" caveat so you don't feel really pressured during finals, midterms, sick... and so you can throw in extra as you want.

    Chronologically would be easiest. Of course, if you choose to progress through a particular cook book, with excursions for very nifty things, that would tempt us into buying a particular book so we can follow along....

  2. I agree with my fellow pilot. The special feature concept would have the best chance of success. However I would hope you wouldn't feel constrained, and would happily detour into Dad's other books randomly as the mood or available ingredients suggest. Also several of your relatives don't check their favorite blogs multiple times each day. Perhaps a group email to your readers when you post a "Cooking with my Grandpa" segment. I know your Grandmother would like that.

  3. I've got my cookbooks next to the computer, ready to follow along on your journey through Dad's cookbooks. This should be a fascinating trip, taking another look from your "unique" perspective.

    As to the question of blog numbers, I think twice a week would be the easiest commitment for you to make. Although your blog readers would love to have daily installments, I personally think that's too much to ask of a busy college student. An occasional tangent, as the patriarch said, could be very entertaining, but not necessary if you have a particularly busy week.

    With all that said, I'm looking forward to following along with you on your culinary expedition, Bon Voyage!

  4. I vote separate blog, posting a couple of times per week, in any order that appeals to you.

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