Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yay for Antibiotics!

So I've been feeling crappy this week, with a sore throat, joint aches, and touch of nausea.

I had assumed it was the head cold that was still rampaging around campus and didn't worry to much about it.

However... Tuesday night I finished my project early and looked forward to a luxurious 6 hours of sleep. This was not meant to be. It seemed that every time I'd drift off to sleep my throat would close up and I couldn't breathe. In my sleep addled state I assumed it was my trying to breathe through congested nasal apparatus. But it quickly became apparent that I was free of any such problems. Lots of drifting off, suffocating, mild panic waking, drifting... etc ensued. I eventually got a whopping 2 hours of troubled sleep.

Last night, if anything my throat hurt worse. In spite of my attempts to go to bed way early (9 pm) several hours of discomfort led me to google "sleep apnea" which I didn't think I had but it was the only thing I could think of.

Apparently there is "transitional obstructive sleep apnea" which can be caused by... throat infections! Especially if you are borderline candidate for sleep apnea already.

Some digging around revealed that the only likely way I was going to get any sleep was to do it sitting up... so I spent an mildly uncomfortable night in my recliner , not fun but some poor quality sleep was had .

Tests this morning reveled I have ferociously swollen tonsils, and strep throat.

So I get cortisone and antibiotics.

I also got kicked out metals class when they found out I was sick but still came to class.


  1. As a person with sleep apnea, I wish you a speedy recovery! S.A. is no fun...the more fleeting for you, the better.

  2. Yeah, both my Doc an I are hoping it is just transitory. But, we have to wait for me to get over the strep before they can officially run the sleep study.

  3. Shame on you for going to the class with strep throat! As someone who gets totally knocked off my feet with that particular disease (I'm talking nearly catatonic) I would have been running from the room screaming had I been there.

    Twenty four hours of antibiotic and you are no longer contagious. Remember that!

    BTW, hope you are feeling better. :p