Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not a Weather Blog...

I swear there will be more substantive posts in the pipe but in the meantime I had to share some my daily amusement.

Tuesday morning woke to birds signing and warm sun shining in. I stepped out to 70 degree weather, green grass, and clear signs of spring.

Tuesday afternoon, some clouds had rolled in a bit, and there was pretty stiff breeze and it had dropped to a comfortable 61 degrees.

Tuesday evening, black clouds horizon to horizon, entered kenpo class it was windy and a little chilly but not bad, and hour later I walked out into a monsoon.

Wednesday morning (early), woken by bizarrely cold breeze from my mostly shut window. Quick glance outside shows about 6 inches of snow on a lawn that was bare yesterday.

What happened to "In like lion, out like a lamb?"


Oh, I passed my Kenpo test with only one flub. (I did the yellow belt technique that was similar to the orange belt one I was supposed to do.)

Purple belt looks to be interesting with over twice the number of techniques, twice as many katas and a lot more ground work. Sometime in the past I've done grappling (at this point I forgotten which system it was whether Capoeira or Kung Fu San Soo) so the re-introduction to ground movement was relatively painless. Well my knees hurt a bit...

Ye instructor also made noises that probably by the end of summer I should have my green belt, and would be allowed (if I wished) to instruct yellow and orange belt provided I can "pass" the tests again.
This is because every belt test from here on out I will get tested not only on the current belt but the previous techniques as well. Therefore, I am expected to know all of the techniques previously covered to the same degree of skill as the ones currently being worked on. You'd think this wouldn't be problem, but a quick glance at yellow belt (only two months in the past) and I firmly remember 1/2 the techniques and the others I probably know...

This will also be more and more... challenging ... as most of the belts will have similar number of techniques as purple by the time you hit brown your test consists of 300+ techniques. But, I think it will be good because the repetition will only serve to reinforce the techniques.

Anywho it's 5 am, and I need to be up in 4 hours to go play with fire in metalsmithing shop. so back to bed for me.

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  1. You should be used to crazy weather, coming from Alaska and all.... I'm sure you heard about our TWO FEET of snow that fell last Friday. Thankfully, it's nearly gone, but I tell ya, it was very discouraging to see after a week of sunshine...