Friday, April 18, 2008


So... I finished my assignment at 3 am. Wonder of wonder that means I get 6 hours sleep.

Which was great until I had a panic-attack inducing dream about my design that I forgotten something. I have no idea what it was... but it woke me.

So here I am at 5am waiting for the adrenalin surge to recede so I can go back to bed.

Watching Anthony Bourdain in the mean time would normally be a bad idea because it has set up a powerful craving for whatever food he's raving about... in this case... lamb.

Fortunately... I HAVE lamb in the downstairs fridge.

Why you ask? Because thanks to Costco... a lamb roast is actually cheaper then steak or chicken. Last weekend I made Apple Cider roasted lamb and I still have couple of pounds of sweet succulent roasted fork-tender lamb meat waiting to be made into meat pie this weekend.

nom nom nom.

*Edit* I like Tony. Culinarily he and I normally see eye-to-eye. But he apparently love sea urchin roe. Which frankly tastes like fish flavored library paste to me. Bleh.

Back to lamb.

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  1. Yowch. I am glad to hear the project is done and you get to eat lamb, but *try and get some sleep, mmmkay*?