Sunday, March 25, 2012

On Cheating death (or at least serious injury)

So it is my belief that is it far better to be smart, then to be lucky.  However... when you fail to be smart and luck saves you... be thankful.

Today I was doing a simple household chore, that many of do every day.  Dishes.

I'm a little OCD about dishes, having been cut several times by broken glasses or carelessly dumped in knives. So I no longer have fragile glasses, and my OMG sharp knives I carefully stack off to the side separate from the other dishes.  They are OMG sharp, because sharp knives seemingly paradoxically cause fewer kitchen accidents as they do their job better then dull knives.  This means less chance of using to much force... and therefore less chance of injury.  Unless you do something stupid like gesture with them and then they will open your finger to the bone before you will even notice.  I've done that.  It was stupid and painful.

So I am merrily washing dishes having just a few, and have done all the big stuff and am rooting around for the silverware and I'm swishing my hands back and forth when I slide my wrist, at speed across something inexplicably cold in the scalding hot water.

I freeze.

Count to 5.

Carefully lift my hands out of the water and see a faint red indentation on my wrist almost exactly paralleled to all the lovely ligaments and blood carrying tubes in my arm.

I very gingerly reach back into the water and promptly cut my finger on my OMG sharp Santuko chef knife which has magically transported itself in the water.  I carefully fish it out and realize that I had managed to slam my wrist at speed on the dull side of the knife.  Hard enough to dent my skin.  If by chance the blade had been facing the other way...  many many stitches at the minimum.

So I got lucky.

And boy am I thankful


  1. Close call! Glad you're OK. It wouldn't have been fun to have to vacuum up Miss Cinnamon's hair if it was all matted with your blood . . .

    1. That's why I have shop-vac.

      Okay... that's not the reason why per-se, but it is for similar situations... wait no...


  2. And that is why all of my knives are put, OCD-like, on the counter to the left side of the sink when they are dirty.

    Glad you were lucky!

  3. Wow, that was extremely lucky! But, I have to say, I really enjoyed reading that!

    1. Why thank you. Glad I can make my near death experiences readable. It's was really hard to capture the tone of the moment. Particularly as the shock of the experience set in and the adrenalin was flooding my system. My hands were actually shaking a bit during the first draft.