Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Goal Reached (mostly)

I have have confession to make.  I didn't quit hit my goal.  I missed it by .2 lbs.  Now, if you guys really want to see a picture of me in my swimming trunks in all my hairy glory I'll post is but .2  pounds is close enough for me to call this part of the plan a success.

So I have lost 29.8 lbs over 95 days, which is a loss of 10.5 of my body-weight and an average of .31 lbs a day.

And although I nearly stalled completely the last couple of weeks, thanks to illness, I suspect those numbers will start getting much better as the HIIT starts to happen every other day.  (Right now it's two days a week.)

That's about all my news.  I'm off for apple filled crepes to celebrate.


  1. .2 pounds is... a couple of cups of tea. Yeah, I'm happy to call that goal reached, allowing for water weight. Enjoy the crepes!

    1. Yeah I wasn't going to quibble about .2 lbs.

      Ended up getting a Napoleon with perfect French pastry cream.