Monday, March 19, 2012

Snowpocalypse 2012

So I'm sure my readers in Alaska (hi to both of you) are going to make snarky noises at the rest of this post...

Since mid-December every couple of weeks the weather pundits have been preaching doom and gloom as some weather system has moved our direction.  Dire predictions of food shortages, rabid badgers, and endless snow have hopelessly intertwined, frightening the elderly and making weak men weep.

None of which materialized.

The closest we came was in Late January 4-6 of snow was predicted over the weekend, and we got 1/2 an inch of dust that was gone by noon.  In fact, the few times this weekend I left the house (for cold medicine) I didn't bother with a coat, and I watched sadly as the Dog tried to do her business on a patch of snow the size of dinner plate (she prefers snow over grass.)

That's how it was when I went to bed last night.

This morning...

There was ~6 inches on my car and there are only 4 of the 12 employees in the office today.

It's still snowing...


  1. No snarky comments from here. I'm a little envious. I like waking up to overnight snow. Which is fortunate since my entire winter this year has consisted of sleep, work and moving snow. The berms along my driveway are 6 feet high and I have to drive real slow in my truck to avoid hit a mirror on one side or the other. We're less than 6 inches from an all time record and are having moose walking on to peoples roofs. You may remember the last time that happened, we were living on E 40th in Anchorage. So enjoy your snow!

    1. I do indeed remember that year.

      Sadly, this snow will not be sticking around, and it's already devolving into slush. Also tomorrow's forecast is for 43 degrees with 25mph winds... I don't expect this snow to last.

  2. I don't miss snow yet, but hey, glad you got to see some! Hope Cin enjoys it before it becomes slush - but she better not take this as a cue to regrow her coat and start blowing it again...

    As an aside, if you haven't gotten snowmageddon, how's your snowpack and water table looking?

    1. Is there "Farmer" in the title of my blog? I think not!


      Seriously though, I don't actually know because I live in a little cocoon of that doesn't involve any local media sources. Nor do I talk to people who are likely to have any clue on the subject so...