Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arch 151 Classroom

Please note the helpful arrows telling you where everything is.

Oh... and the only heat source is not the cardboard box, it is a tiny little heater in the corner that sounds like a sick chinchilla. You can't see it because of the box.


  1. I would become a frozen block of organics and ice. Or bring my own heater, five layers, and hot mug of tea. *shivers* Hope you survive!

  2. One would think an architecture school would have this awesome cool building with a wonderful environment system that maintained the optimum temperature and humidity for each work station. But noooo.... your in a basement under the swimming pool.

  3. Yes well... I'm not actually in the Architecture building. None of the first year students are. In fact if we get to close to Cheever the 4th and 5th years throw bricks and moltov cocktails.

    We are in the basement of the Romney Gym. Which the old gym building built shortly before the civil war I think.

    I'm told however the building can get quite warm once we start burning our failed study models for heat.