Thursday, October 18, 2007

Compositional Epiphany

So as I trudged in the rain across campus an unexpected thing happened.

I stopped seeing the buildings. No longer did I see the big brick Reid Hall, instead I saw a pleasing composition of balanced repetitive elements subtly contrasting with it's asymmetrical wing.

Johnson hall also fell into pleasing suggestionof vertical elements outlining it's strong upward movement.

Montana Hall stayed a big victorian monster.

The revelation actually shocked me for a minute and I sat there getting soaked consciously shifting between seeing the buildings and seeing the composition of the buildings in the abstract.

It didn't work for all of them, but it was pleasing, weird , and unsettling all at once.

No altogether like suddenly being able to "see" music.



  1. I love epiphanies! I used to have them occasionally when I was younger, not so much now. Because I'm the Patriarch and I know everything!
    As for composition, after 20 years as a graphic artist I seldom internalize the content of my clients work, all I see is the composition, fonts, color, etc. I have to "step back" and actually read the material to be sure the message is integrated into the comosition.

  2. Wheee! Does this mean somebody finally found the access key to your mind? Thats a scarey concept. They taught you something new and it stuck! Congratulations! By the way, the "patriarch" doesn't know everything. (hehehe)

    "the patriarch's sister"

  3. No it apparently wore off within a couple of days.