Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Work Session

Per request, here are some pictures of what we are working on today in class... and will be working on again in about 30 minutes when the other class gets out.

This one is annotated for you enjoyment. My TA was playing with camera and by some chance I got caught in the frame. You tell which desk belongs to the geek can't you?

My teammates... pondering building benches.

Closeup of the model interior, before contour lines are added.

Just one of the many banks of shrubbery that I am in charge of.


  1. It has to be said. You brought them a shrubbery! Ni!

    Yeah, I think we can find the geek in the frame. I also note it's you, as you are standing a far, far distance from the only heat source in a t-shirt. :-)

  2. That particular day it was nearly 60 degrees, clear and sunny.

    Mind you the next day it rained gangbusters and there was frost on my car that night...