Thursday, October 18, 2007

You may call me "lefty"

Cause I just cut the tip of my left thumb off.

Fortunately I only barely got to the meaty bits, so it was mostly skin.

I also managed not to bleed on my pristine final model.

1) holding your arm above your head for this long hurts worse then the cut.
2) sharp exacto blades hurt less then dull.
3) typing right-hand only is hard. When Ido type one-handed it's normally with my left...


I think the bleeding has stopped so time for bandages.


  1. Yeesh! We like you whole and non-bleeding, so please heal quickly, and not repeat.

    Congrats on not bleeding on the model! (But does this mean advanced models, like assembled computers, require blood sacrifices?)

  2. What I want to know is: why are they allowing you to wield anything sharp?

    Not that you're going to mishandle them, just...maybe handle them in a fashion that results in more than just you losing blood (possibly others that are in close vicinity).

    When the deep sleep deprivation and stress finally cause you to lose your mind I see you wandering the streets of Bozeman - Exacto in hand - covered in blood and scared residents fleeing for their lives.

    Love you,

  3. I remember a time (a few years back) when you were at my house and I stuck an exacto blade in my right elbow (a very hard place to bandage by yourself). Thanks to you I didn't bleed on my drawings either, must run in the family (the need to NOT bleed on our creations).

  4. I used that encounter with your elbow as my token warning people to be careful with exacto knives.