Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A new holiday tradition...

I have lined up for this weekend of solitude:

3 Vampire Movies
2 Zombie Movies
1 Sci-Fi Movies
0 Movies with any redeeming qualities so far as I can tell.

I'm excited.


  1. Boy, do I wish I could say the same thing!

    But no, we're going over to my sister's house where I am being forced to spend time with *her* inlaws, her inlaws friends and her and her husband's friends.

    I am really quite annoyed about all this especially since it was only supposed to be an immediate family meal of 6 people that has turned into my sister's mother in law "forgetting" that she invited 4 more people and my sister then giving up and inviting a couple she knows.

    If it's going to be like this at Christmas - I'm staying home. Life's too short to spend holidays with people you don't like.

    If I could afford it, I'd fly you up here so you could spend the holidays with Meagan and myself.

  2. We are planning to go see pandas, then eat lamb since *somebody* hates turkey. It's weird and suchlike.

    I hope your holiday is much more peaceful.

  3. Your family is scattered around the country today. Your eldest aunt, her husband and their family are in Florida. Your sister and her family are in Idaho and of course, your in Montana. My three youngest siblings, their families and I will be congregating at your grandmothers.
    Happy zombie-vampire movie Thanksgiving.

  4. The movies have been a pretty mixed bag.

    The Sci-fi film, "Renissance" is the black and white noir CG cop film set in 2054. Danial Craig Voices the lead. Over all though it was quite good. I'm probably going to buy it.

    The first Zombie film is "Planet terror." It is way gory, funny at times, deliberately stupid at others, and definitely doesn't take itself seriously. I watched the other Grindhouse film (which I've already forgotten the title of) and I was amused to see the overlap of characters and scenery between the films. I think I'd have to give them both B+ and would have a hard time deciding which is "better."

    One of the Vampire films "Immortal" also known as "Wisdom of the Crocodiles" I had seen before. Still love it. Still toally creeped out by Jude Law in it.

    The second Vampire film (which shall not be named) I had seen before under a different title. Umm yeah... it was basically filmed by 8 guys in their neighborhood with a handycam. Really really bad.

    One zombie film and on vampire film to go.