Tuesday, November 6, 2007

When kenpo attacks...

A short post whilst my bath runs.

My Kenpo class got changed from Saturday 8:00am to Tuesday 8:0pm. A change I am very very grateful for.

Tonight we didn't work on forms, since my thumbs are mostly healed we did bag and target work.

The last 20 minutes was spent with the instructor chasing me around with a large padded stick while I tried to block with arms that had been punching for 40 minutes. It was more fun then it sounds like. I apparently also surprised him because a feint that worked with 90% of the population doesn't work with me. I apparently block it the way I SHOULD instead of how most people DO. (Spinning back fist = get you head out of the way and deflect if needed... not hunch your shoulders and try to force block it)

The instructor had some praise for me as I left. "Your form is solid, and you don't have any bad habits to unlearn. You are going to do great as you get more in shape."

He also said that I will probably be ready for to (re)test for yellow belt by next week if I keep my practice up. The techniques are slightly different, but the fundamental principles are the same.


  1. Chasing you around with a large padded stick? Ooh, where do we sign up to get this job?

    Great to hear your thumbs are healing well, and your form is fine. :-)