Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Color me Mr. Crankypants Red.

So the unending saga of summer classes has sorta gone like this:

You have Full Funding.
No you Don't.
Yes you Do.
No you don't, but are getting WUE, find alternate sources for the rest.
Alternate funding source verified.
WUE canceled.
WUE reinstated
WUE canceled, and the plan administrator is MIA.

I'm already in hyper-stressed state as this semester is only six weeks long, and in fact my first Physics test is tomorrow and my first math test is Friday... so this sort of additional fun is greatly appreciated.

I am tired, stressed out, currently unable to sleep because of this and not at all prepared for tomorrows test.

In fact I have to be "up" in 4 hours to go to physics class.


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