Monday, May 5, 2008

How very ... cosmopolitan...

I'm sitting here celebrating the end of the semester by watching a Kung Fu Opera flick from Hong Kong, munching on Ciabatta bread smeared with French pate and Greek truffle goat cheese, all whilst sipping Asian pear infused Sake.

Those people who think globalization is a bad thing can go stuff it.

I didn't actually intend to mix food and drink from four different countries whilst watching a film from a fifth. It just was what appealed to me from the ingredients I had in my kitchen.

What a small world... and it tastes good.

(Actually the sake is a bit overpowered by the pate... okay a LOT overpowered... but it's still tasty.)

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  1. Metalsmithing, models, and munchies du have truly finished the year.