Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When it rains it... WHAT??? HAIL!

So in addition to all the other fun and excitement, my computer with all my software and data files on it just died.

I'm typing this on my newer computer which I have yet to install Office, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign, AutoCad, etc... because They were allready installed and registered on the other (now dead) computer.

It looks like the power supply has gone, and it was the only Shuttle model to use non-standard proprietary connectors. It is also old enough that it is effectively impossible to order a replacement power supply for it.

There are lots of sites purporting to sell replacement power supplies for it, but it's actually the newer model with different (and standard) connectors.

It is also so old that using the parts that are probably still good (2.5ghz CPU, Memory, Video Card etc) I will have to buy a new motherboard and case. However, it appears that I basically cannot get reliable motherboards for the processor from my normal vendors.

I found a reputable vendor that carries a decent motherboard, but I'd be looking at spending $200 + shipping and hoping that when the power supply went kaplooee it didn't damage CPU, memory, video card...

Alternately I can go buy a normal replacement power supply, splice the ends onto the proprietary connectors and hope I don't electrocute myself.

Not a happy rabbit.

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