Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blood for the Blood god...

So I mentioned to my father that I was going to blog this and until my whacked up sleep schedule woke me up at 4:00 am I had forgotten too.

Some of you may have noticed that I periodically have mentioned exacto related injuries. When you mix sleep deprivation plus sharp blades bad things eventually happen. While most of my injuries have not been as bad as when I cut the tip of my thumb off last semester, some of them have been more embarrassing (yeah lap related accidents bad,) but usually its only little blood here or there. In my Arch class we jokingly have a pool to see if anyone makes it through a project without hurting themselves.

I actually would have won it this project. I managed to build 10 half-scale study models, 4 full scale study models, and one finished model without so much as nick.

Ironically, Friday morning I was to turn in my final project I completed it with time to spare and decided to take a hot bath before class both for sore shoulders and as an opportunity to touch up my recently shave head.

Remember what I said about sleep deprivation and sharp blades?

Now, normally in the course of shaving my head I nick myself about every other time. Usually I nick a scar on the back right side of my head.

This time however I managed to cut myself no less then 4 times. I didn't even notice until I put the lovely mentholated lotion on my scalp and the cuts well... they felt like I had rubbed salt into them.

Only one of them was bad, the others were piddly and I wouldn't have noticed them normally...

Sigh. I consider that my incarnadine contribution to the cause.

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