Monday, March 3, 2008

Something catawampous in Denmark...errr... Bozeman

This project requires a lot of models. I've done five 1/2 scale study models and will probably need to do at least two more. I've also had to do three full scale study models and will have to do at least one more. Final model and drawing are due Friday.

So last night while working on yet another model, I could not get a my square planes...well... square. I'd measure both sides, but when I went to line up and cut using a T-square I'd be off as much as 1/4" on an 8" run.

After fighting with it for some time I finally realized either my t-square is off true or my work table is, and without both of them being square I cant use either. (*edit my worktable is not the lovely parallel arm table I got for Christmas... which is actually to big to fit upstairs until I either build a new desk or find a better arrangement.)

Fortunately, my cutting mat has a inch-grid and between that and a 12" ruler I was able to get things working. I should note that I have found my 30/60 triangle just when I needed it, bought a new 45/45 triangle and have managed to lose both of my 24" rulers.

Unfortunately, I need one of them to prep my base for my final model...

*edit* Found one 10 seconds after posting this.
*edit 2* Found the other.... 15 seconds later... creepy.

Design wise I am not floundering as much on this project as I have on the previous ones. In fact in a rare moment of turnabout I actually appear to be ahead of my compatriots as far as clarity of design. The initial design steps for this project were VERY restrictive, but precise and I followed them exactly. My classmates did not and have spent a lot of time backtracking. I do need to make the design more visually interesting now that we have been given some freedom to do so.

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