Friday, March 28, 2008

Blood sacrifice redeux.

So I mention the tip of the finger... what I hadn't mentioned was later that day in metal-smithing class I managed to cut my left hand twice more and the right once. Fortunately nothing more then nicks.

Four band aids in 24 hours made me feel a little daft though.

Further proof of why sleep deprivation and sharp things don't mix... I greet you with the little surprise I discovered upn getting out of the bath.

Maybe I should change the name of my new shaver from Head-blade to Head-bleed?

For the squeamish... Just enjoy the cute kitten picture from Lolcats archive

Click Me to see dah kittens. .

THIS link is not for the squeamish. It will not take you to kittens. Only pain and suffering await you. Really.

My, but head wounds do bleed a lot. The red dots on my head were blood splashes.


  1. That's it. The sharpest objects you're allowed to use from now on are plastic knives and left-handed, children's safety scissors. *Maybe* a fork with a cork on the end of it...

  2. I just choked on my Green Tea! Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Probably everyone who read this blog gets that.