Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear God/Yawah/Loki/Coyote/Whomever...

Okay. I'm impressed.

I wasted two hours that could have spent doing homework looking for my graphic calculator. I will admit that some harsh accusations aimed my dog's way as far as responsibility went. I even began to doubt my sanity that it wasn't packed... but I used it just last Tuesday... so I was mostly certain it hadn't been packed in the move.


You can imagine my surprise when I found it by accident in my sock basket. I suppose I can attribute to you the fortuitous occurrence of knocking the basket it off the shelf and discovering it at all... but I have to ask... how did it get there? Four feet off the ground and in the closet it seems unlikely that the Wonder dog was involved.

While I have your attention... I would have thought I would have run across at least one of my eight exacto holders while looking for the calculator.

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