Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Orange Belt update. (Oh... and doggy opera)

Even though I am only two class session into the new belt we have already covered over half of the new techniques. Sensai seems really pleased with the speed that I'm picking them up.

Frankly, I suspect it because most of the techniques are just variations of the preceding belt or similar to techniques I learned in the other Kenpo style I studied.

Also after sparring session my instructor said that my aggressiveness, situational awareness, and technique were at green or brown belt level... my speed, stamina, and accuracy were about orange. He also said as I continue he expects that will ramp up swiftly as I get into better shape. Oh, he also has noticed that I've lost weight. He's the first person to notice... mind you he's been seeing me every week for 6 months whereas most people down here haven't.

Lastly, and most pleasingly, I have made a permanent mark on this style of Kenpo. A knife disarm I learned in my Tang Soo Do days is the center point to a new Green belt technique named broken reeds. Also a wrist escape I shared with my instructor may become the Anvil variant B.


As I was typing this Sarah Brightman was playing fairly loudly on the stereo. I realized that there was some weird crooning noise coming from near my elbow, and when I looked down there was my dog; her head tilting to one side and then the other staring intently at the center channel speaker and crooning in harmony to the opera.

Weird dog.

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