Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement.

This is a reminder that sleep-deprived architecture students are not to be using the razor sharp kitchen knives.

This message is brought to you by your friend "Lefty" and the number "Nine."


  1. I'll FedEx the extra bandages I have left over from my recent encounter with a razor sharp folding Gerber hunting knife. The stitches will be coming out Friday the 22nd.

  2. What is it with my friends this winter? 1: end of finger bit off by dog...2: sliced finger while doing household chores that #1 could no longer do? 3: Architects need fingers to draw!!!

    This useless public whine brought to you just because!

  3. It was more a near miss that scared me then any serious damage. Needed a single bandaid.

    But it could have been really really bad. (I did also manage to drop my exacto blade in my lap and poke a hole in my lap that same night.)

    Wednesday when we had to show our final models I was watching hands and 3/4 of our section had at least one bandage.