Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tired old phrase

Okay. I'm a computer tech. Apparently we tend to be literal problems solvers.

I am officially tired of being told I am not being abstract enough.

Thank you, I am aware of that fact. To date I have been told this by 3 professors, 3 TAs and 2 of my fellow students.

You can stop telling me it. I got it. Especially if you aren't going to give me constructive advice as either an example of what would be "abstract enough" or method reaching this nirvana like mental state... then you can just stop repeating it to me and shut the hell up.

BTW did I mention I have to complete redesign the project I've been working on for two weeks from the ground up... well basically tonight.

The final models are due tomorrow and the total package is due on Friday.

So complete a complete redesign + building all my models tonight, and then I get to redraw (with my new design) all of my previously completed drawings before Friday.

All while being more abstract.

Not happy.

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