Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life on Mars...

So I09 ran a poll on the most under-appreciated sci-fi show on TV. Someone mentioned the show "Life on Mars."

The premise is that British cop is struck and catapulted 33 years back in time where the case that haunted him in the present day haunts him then.

It's pretty good. I've noticed the following though...

1) 1973 was an ugly ugly time. Bellbottoms *shudder*
2) Linguistic drift between American English and British English is bad enough. Travel back 30 years of colloquial drift... well sometimes the dialog is impenetrable.
3) Did I mention the Bellbottoms? How about those polyester shirts with lapels that double as sails?
4) I realize that there is a limited number of high-profile actors filming for the BBC, but seeing a pivotal near-omniscient bad guy from Dr. Who play a frightened and confused policeman actually caused my brain to stutter step.

I enjoyed the first episode, but I'm not sure I can suffer the heavy-handed stereotypes and 70's fashion enough to continue the series.

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  1. As someone who graduated high school in 1971, who owned polyester shirts with giant lapels, bell bottoms in plaid and as a young adult polyester leisure suits, let me just say, " Don't ever bring this subject up again!"